Remembering in the Kingdom, Thirteen Years Later…

Thirteen years later the fear is still fresh.  This morning I was watching Good Morning America and they interrupted regular programming, the fear swept over me wondering what went wrong.  It was to have a moment of silence and then they went back to regular programming.  For years they showed hours of coverage on memorials of the day, today was 5 minutes.   When we say never forget, I hope we always mean it as much as we did when the towers fell, planes crashed and life changed.

Today I pray for all those who lost their lives going to work, to those who died trying to save them and for those who were left behind.  9-11 police officerI pray for those who knowing the risk still go to work every day to make sure we are all safe.  God be with our military as they fight to keep us from harm. Please guide our politicians to make decisions based the good, safety and freedom of all.

I wrote this post in 2012.  I still wonder would I be a hero…

Nothing shattered the fairytale more than 9/11.  I can still close my eyes like it was yesterday and remember everything about that morning.  I spent my Sunday afternoon watching National Geographic’s specials about 9/11 and I was brought back to that horrible day.  I watched the interview with President Bush, survivors and people working the scene and I wondered how I would have reacted.  What if I was running the country, climbing the stairs with a hose or was an employer in that building?  It was a frightening and inspiring thought.

Cantor Fitzgerald was a Company that lost 658 of 960 employees.  Can you imagine being the CEO of that firm?  Would you quit?  Howard Lutnick didn’t.  He rebuilt and gave back.  Cantor has kept its word to the families of those employees lost on 9/11 – distributing millions of dollars of the firm’s profits to them, and covering health care costs for the past 10 years, the Associated Press reports. ‘The best way to show someone you love them is to care for the people they love,’ Mr. Lutnick said.   Now every 9/11 Cantor Fitzgerald gives 100% of its revenue of that day to charity.

One gentleman they interviewed was saved by a Firefighter that was clearing floors.  He saved him and continued to go up towards the impact floor, the Fireman was not heard from again.  He mentioned how special you must be to be a Hero.  “There are people like me, who want to get out and then there are Heroes.  Heroes keep going, knowing they may never come out.”   Another man interviewed was blocked by rubble and couldn’t get out.  Another group of men screamed at him to climb up and jump over the wall, that they would catch him.  He jumped with blind faith and fear.  When he made it over, he kissed the guy that caught him.   Brian caught him, “I didn’t know what to say so I said, Hi, I’m Brian” They are lifelong friends now.  How could they not be?

Politics aside, President Bush was amazing.  How does one wrap their head around this kind of horror?  You can’t ever prepare for this.  He was being pulled in a million directions.  He stood firm after being dragged to three different places by Secret Service and said “I will deliver my speech from the White House.”  He couldn’t imagine a worse image than the president hiding in a bunker, he wouldn’t let the terrorists claim they sent the President running.  He was a calming force in a whole new world.  How brave he had to be in the weeks after 9/11.  How do you know how to lead through that?

I remember sitting on my couch, the prince was just a baby, I was watching the crash and saw the second plane hit.  I will never forget that moment.  At that point we knew it wasn’t an accident.  My husband was on his way to downtown Chicago, I was begging him to turn around. They rolled in cement barriers in front of the Sears Tower that night.   I remember looking in the sky for the next week and seeing nothing.  It was like the world stopped as we knew it.  It did and it would never be the same.

I wonder if I was on a plane that was taken over, would I sink in my seat or fight.  Would I run down the stairs of a burning building or would I check floors and help?  If I lost my entire company, would I bow my head and give up or make it bigger, better and give back?  I hope that in an emergency, my Hero would kick in.  But today I’m just so grateful for all those Heroes that helped on 9/11 and every day since.

Today of all days, please thank an everyday Hero.  Our Soldiers, Firefighters, Police and Paramedics run towards the danger each day!  God Bless Them! 

**Please click here to go to the Cantor Relief Fund.  Maybe we can all give a little on this day.

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What if Teddy Goalsevelt was your employee?

Once Upon a Time in a Brazilian rain forest an employee went on vacation and became an internet sensation… Did you see Teddy Goalsevelt during the World Cup?  The world did and so did his company Cavalry.  Mike D’Amico uses some of his vacation time following team USA.  His plan was to see the first round of World Cup play.  He wanted to stand out, so he came up with Teddy Goalsevelt.will-ferrell-teddy-goalsevelt  After ESPN spotted him, he became a selfie sensation all over Brazil.  Will Ferrell got in on the action; Teddy even had his own hash tags #teddyinbrazil and #jointhecavalry.  As World Cup fever was growing, so was his popularity.

Teddy’s vacation time and funds were down and it was time to come home.  But his bosses loved watching his adventure unfold and decided to figure out a way to keep him there.  They set up a GoFundMe account and offered to match funds donated for his expenses up to $2,500.  Over 106 people donated $5,600 to keep Teddy in Brazil.  There was some backlash on the internet, people complained about donating to a cause like this one, but there was more positive input than not.  The link was shared more than 1,700 times and #teddyinbrazil was trending.  Arrangements were made for him to stay as long as Team USA was in the running.

Mike’s employer Cavalry had giant pictures of his face made and gave them out in Chicago’s Grant Park for the viewing parties.  Everyone was able to get a selfie with Teddy.

teddy picturesUnfortunately Team USA was not able to defeat Team Belgium, so Teddy’s trip ended. Since Mike has returned to Chicago, he’s been all over the news and has been incredibly gracious about his trip and his employer.  Cavalry decided that they would fund his entire trip and they are now donating all of the money raised to Gol De Letra, a nonprofit that helps underprivileged children in Brazil.

Seventy percent of employees rate their relationship with their supervisor as very important to job satisfaction.  I’m guessing Mike D’Amico is very satisfied.  I bet the team at Cavalry is enjoying the ride and feel their employer cares about more than just work.

My favorite selfie was Ronnie Woo Woo!

My favorite selfie was Ronnie Woo Woo!

It’s important for employees to see you value what they do outside their cubicle.  Show them that you notice their interests, acknowledge birthdays or anniversaries and take note about where they are heading on vacation.  You’ll never know…they may be the next Teddy!

What steps do you take to build your team?


To donate to Gol De Letra go to

To learn more about Cavalry check them out at

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