Are You Ready for Some Football, Hangovers and Sick Days?

Are you ready for some football? Do you hear Hank Williams Jr. every time someone says it? 


The biggest game of the year is Sunday and just in case you were wondering, no one worked after lunch today.  They will passed squares around, shared recipes and talked about their plans. 

Monday will be worse….  Hangovers, upset stomachs, sick days and someone has to pay out the squares.  You know what’s not getting done? Work.

But that’s ok. Because If your team isn’t bonding over things happening in the world, they aren’t a team.  So make a hangover basket on Monday, bring in some breakfast, Tums and Tylenol.  Your Employees will be grateful, well at least the people that don’t call in sick!

Check out our stats on lost productivity and previous Super Bowl articles.


Our Super Bowl stats article.

Remember the Puppet Lady? Here’s our post from last year.  I looked her up and she’s booked two months out and doing great.  Fast Company did an article on her and she’s even had to hire some puppet staff.

Enjoy the game, see you on Monday, if you make it in……….

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New Year and Resolutions in the Kingdom

Once Upon a Time I Made a New Year Resolution…  I wrote all this great stuff in a planner, in a fitness planner and made a Vision Board.  Then I ignored all of it because I didn’t have time.  That describes 2014.  It was a great year by all accounts, but if I’m really honest, it was on accident.  Hard work, but not from the plans I created.  I was extremely busy, I was in my car A LOT, I became addicted to Starbucks and apparently allergic to exercise (I was busy & tired, ain’t nobody got time for that).

So why I am I telling you this? Because I started a blog and got to busy to write posts. They say to effectively get readers you have to be consistent, otherwise they get disappointed and leave.  I gave myself the excuse that you were busy too and wouldn’t notice.

I know you are all thinking this, so am I!

I know you are all thinking this, so am I!

I hope I was right, but then if I was, I just gave myself up!

Back to the resolutions…  I had some great growth last year.  Thank you to my clients for all of the exciting challenges.  But I did it all in a frenzy and THAT cannot happen again this year.  I have to get organized.  I must have a plan.  I can’t react to the challenges and run my schedule and myself around them.  I have to get back into shape (that’s personal so I won’t bore you with that one. But please if you see me near a cheeseburger slap it out of my hand!).

What am I doing to get there? Announcing it in Public… I will get organized, I will work the new systems I’ve put in place and re-evaluate in 90 days.  Trying KanBan as suggested from The Advenger.  Have to create a habit!  I’m also doing a 30 day blog challenge so I can get back into writing and keeping you up to date on all the EXCITING things happening in Human Resources.  I think the new Congress is going to keep us on our toes for a while and Illinois has a few new laws this year (a blog post to come I promise, it’s on the To Do List).

I hope to make this bigger and better in 2015.  I hope you can do the same with your business and life.

I would love to hear from you….

What are you doing to change it up this year?  AND  What topics are you interested in?


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