Cinderella’s Endless To Do List…

There’s a lot to get done before the ball. Every day I feel like Cinderella. Most days I’m scrubbing the endless floor to get to the ball. Then when I finally get there, I’m watching the clock because I know midnight is coming! All the while knowing I’ll spend all next week looking for my shoe…..

I love this blog post by Seth Goodin and strive to follow this advice. Let me know what you think. Could you actually be ok with accepting the never ending list?

Gotta go, there’s a footman at the door with my shoe!

Seth’s Blog: Dancing on the edge of finished.

About evilqueenhr

Once upon a time there was a boring HR person sitting in a back office filling out paperwork spouting sections from the handbook. I’m not that HR person. Work is a scary and sometimes funny place with lots of lessons to learn along the way. People don’t follow the rules, it’s HR’s job to steer them in the right direction. Unfortunately there are no apples with spells to make the bad employees fall asleep until we can recruit new ones. My Name is Denise Benages and I have been in the Human Resource field for over 16 years. I am president of HR Midwest, Inc. I plan on telling the epic lore of the workplace and help with solutions. Don't Bite the Apple...Work is not a fairy tale!
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