Setting Goals in your Kingdom!

Gooooaallll!  It’s the word of the week.  But I don’t mean World Cup Goals.  I mean every day, “let’s all work together and make things happen” kind of goals.  Most people have an idea of what they want to accomplish but they don’t create a map to get there.  Eighty percent of small businesses have not defined goals for the company.  Not surprisingly, Seventy seven percent have not accomplished their vision for the company.  If you don’t know what you want, how do you make it happen? And how can your employees help you get there?

It’s important break down the company vision to include individual goals for employees.  In a survey by the Society of Human Resource Management, Sixty three percent of employees are highly motivated by work goals.  Employees want goals, but nothing will ruin motivation faster than an unrealistic goal.  goalIt’s important that goals are clear, measurable and challenging but attainable.  It’s imperative that the most integral part of the goal is within the employee’s control.

Goals should be revisited regularly to celebrate accomplishments and evaluate obstacles.  Employees need to feel supported through the process.  Communication is key for employees to buy-in.  Seventy percent of employees find relationships with their supervisor very important to job satisfaction and Fifty percent find communication with their manager very important.  Take their cues and be part of the process.

The goals should be tied to the bigger vision of the company or department.  Find ways to ensure that the individual goals bring the team together and don’t pit team members against each other.  73 percent of employees feel relationships with their co-workers are very important in job satisfaction.  Sponsor a team lunch when accomplishments are made towards the goal as a team.

It’s hard to wrap my head around soccer. I don’t get it.  I did an official poll (my friends and Facebook), most people don’t get it either.  I can’t understand how Team USA advanced by only winning one game.   team usaI think that is why I’m having a hard time getting excited.  In hockey, there is a clear best of seven and teams play until someone wins.  When you advance, it’s because as a team you joined together to accomplish a goal.  Each player works independently to play their best, but the main goal is the Cup.

Create a goal and develop a clear plan to accomplish it.  Don’t rely on advancing because someone else was worse than your company.  That isn’t a good long term strategy.   

I will still be cheering Team USA today, I’m hoping we win and advance.  But if not… Go team whoever is worse than us!!

If you need an excuse note don’t forget this one from Team USA’s Coach.


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Once upon a time there was a boring HR person sitting in a back office filling out paperwork spouting sections from the handbook. I’m not that HR person. Work is a scary and sometimes funny place with lots of lessons to learn along the way. People don’t follow the rules, it’s HR’s job to steer them in the right direction. Unfortunately there are no apples with spells to make the bad employees fall asleep until we can recruit new ones. My Name is Denise Benages and I have been in the Human Resource field for over 16 years. I am president of HR Midwest, Inc. I plan on telling the epic lore of the workplace and help with solutions. Don't Bite the Apple...Work is not a fairy tale!
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