Once Upon a Time the NCAA got sneaky…

Every March I’ve done a piece on Productivity in the Workplace during March Madness.  I felt guilty this year because I too was sneaking peeks and filling in a bracket at work.  I was asked to join at a client and jumped in. I listened as seven people stood around for 15 minutes talking about their brackets.  Production always takes a hit during the Madness. This year 16 games were played during work hours in the first round. The calculator in my head was adding up the payroll costs.  It can ruin the fun for the productivity obsessed.

Twenty two percent of people watched games via streaming this year. In the first round alone, there were 9.4 million combined hours viewed on March Madness Live.  On Social Media there were 77 million impressions from Official March Madness accounts, up 16%.

As I was streaming the Loyola game I found it…. THE BOSS BUTTONInkedboss button 1_LI

Go back to those stats! 9.4 million hours viewed on March Madness Live – 16 games during work time, only counting 1st shift.  The NCAA got sneaky.  There is a button to click to make March Madness Live look like you are being productive at work, school or home.

A quick click changes your screen quickly to a work presentation, a physics research page or a fake home improvement search.

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The fan in me thinks this is amazing, but the HR lady, Mom and Wife can’t help but give a little side eye.  I see you NCAA!

As I embrace Loyola, Sister Jean and my busted bracket, I encourage you to give some slack to your employees.  Chalk it up to team building and celebrate the Madness.  Don’t be surprised if you walk by your employees and everyone is working on the same “presentation”.

Interested in more March Madness Stats….  March Madness 2017

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Brackets are locked and the games have begun.  Because we needed a dose of Presidential pics here are Barack Obama’s picks.  For the record our brackets do not match!  I have Virginia going all the way and he has Michigan.  Let’s see what happens……Game on Barry!

obama 2018 pics

Have you found the NCAA “Boss Button”?  OMG……..

(Also, he has no idea who I am, so my tough talk is empty.  Sorry Mr. President, I meant no disrespect.)

Remember when he did his picks in the Oval?

Watch the games live here, but not while you are at work!  HR is watching…….

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