March Madness, Not Politics in the Kingdom

Once Upon a Time, I took a break from Politics in my Social Media and Entertainment time…. It has been fantastic.  For the last 30 days I’ve been in a bubble.  I went through my feed and paused or unfollowed anyone who talked politics (on either side) more than once every few days. After a week my algorithm changed.  By removing those people and falling down the political rabbit hole, FB is showing me exciting things again, uplifting news stories and fun videos.  I’m finding my Social Media time, is fun again.  I’m not typing and deleting and typing responses to angry posts anymore.  The 30-day pause has become my favorite button.  It’s the unfollow/unfriend gateway.

I’ve also changed my drive time experience.  I’m not listening to CNN or FOX anymore.  As a news junkie, that’s been difficult.  I’ve switched to podcasts and audiobooks.  I just finished podcasts about Watergate and the Limited-Edition McDonald’s Sauce that caused a frenzy (who knew).  I’m learning, and I show up to clients uplifted or amused, instead of frustrated.

My 2nd favorite season is about to start and I’m going to continue my bubble into March Madness.  NCAA 2018I’m so excited to focus on something fun.  I’ve changed by SIRIUS presets to NCAA and ESPN.  I’ve scoured the podcast list to be ready.

We will be talking Basketball, Human Resources and Leadership for the next month.  So, get your brackets filled out and be ready to engage your team.

I’m hoping to collect Warren Buffet’s offer of $1 Million Dollars a year for life with the perfect bracket.

Looking to fill out your brackets?  Get your Bracket Here!

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Once Upon a time in the land of Leprechauns lived Grace O’Malley

On St. Patrick’s Day, I think we should all be like Grace O’Malley!

don't bite the is not a fairy tale!

The Pirate Queen

Once Upon a time in the land of Leprechauns lived Grace O’Malley.

According to Irish legend, as a young girl wished to go on a trading expedition to Spain with her father, and on being told she could not because her long hair would catch in the ship’s ropes, she cut off most of her hair to embarrass her father into taking her and she never looked back.

Her exploits were many and she became known as the Pirate Queen of Ireland. Even in 1530 Women wished to do things the men did.

Every once in a while, one broke out and became a legend that would live forever in the stories told to young girls as what they could accomplish and to young men on what never to underestimate.

I visited Grace’s dungeon and saw her hideout in a cove when I was in Ireland. Standing…

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